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Concrete Plant Management Systems

Total solutions for monitoring and controlling concrete plant operations:
Any or all of the features below can be incorporated into one flexible system for your plant.
Extra features can be added as they are required.

Binfill Systems.
Graphical representation of the plant.
8, 10 or 12 inch, TFT colour touch screens. (panel mounted or on monitor arm)
Extensive range of Operation and Alarm messages with logging.
16 Ground and Overhead bin capability.
Priority features and many optional features available ie:
          Dual high level probes for overhead bins.
          SMS messaging of alarms. eg. a breakdown during after hours deliveries.

Recycled Water Control.
Monitor first flush and other pit levels.
Control pumps and valves to optimise the water storage on site.
Pump, Valve and Pit information displayed graphically on screen.
Add fresh water to site via tray wash and drain wash to aid in clean up.
           Can be linked to batching / binfill systems.
SMS messaging of overflow alarms / secondary pumps used etc.

Plant Monitoring.
Monitor all stock levels remotely. Cement, aggregate and admixture levels.
Take the guess work out of ordering materials.

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