Grant Roberts Controls - Industrial Automation & Control

Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

We can provide any of the following to assist your operations:

Project Management
Manage all the aspects of a new installation or project.
Supervision / co-ordination of other relevant trades to ensure system compatibility.
System Upgrades
Upgrade the operator interface to simplify control.
Colour touch screen display or computer terminal based.
Upgrade an existing facility to run on an updated controller.
This may improve spare parts availability, (contingency planning)
or allow for greater memory, increased speed or functionality, database integration etc.
System Modifications
Increase Process Output - Better scheduling & prioritising of tasks.
Modify existing functions to exactly meet your business requirements.
Add new functionality to an existing process.
Increase the flexibility of a process to better react to a changing environment.
System Maintenance
Provide and maintain system documentation.
Provide operator instructions.
Provide operator training.
Periodic backups and hardware checks.

Gain Greater Control Over Your Process!

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